Why settle for boring?

SunBlock Systems professionals use state of the art technology and forensic techniques to conduct computer investigations and uncover evidence, arm others against hackers and the dangers of today’s digital world, and create complex and unique data system solutions. At SunBlock Systems, we recognize that our employees’ skills and experience are not limited to a single use. Our practice groups, spanning computer security, digital forensics, and computer systems integration, create opportunities for employees who wish to exercise their abilities in a variety of ways and settings. Assignments nearly always offer opportunities to create new and interesting solutions, keeping our employees fresh and up to date on the latest technology and approaches. With competitive salaries, generous bonus plans, and the personal attention available only at a small company, SunBlock Systems provides unique opportunities for talented professionals. SunBlock Systems is seeking candidates for the following positions:

How to apply?

SunBlock Systems is always looking for intelligent, motivated, hard-working individuals. If you feel you are qualified for any of our open positions or wish to inquire about other opportunities at SunBlock Systems, please apply.

Our evaluation exercise enables the more technically qualified candidates to move to the top of the application list. Interested applicants should download the exercise by clicking on the link below. Once the download is complete, follow the instructions in the README. txt file. The instructions provide guidance on how to complete the exercise as well as where to submit your information. Regardless of the position, all applicants should download the evaluation exercise to demonstrate their ability to follow application instructions. SHA256: cdddfef95e50f6a43672bbd492fd830a53054c008988a258fec1c0a07c0da24a