Case Studies

Cyber Breach Investigations

Brief Examples of Prior Work

  • Planned and implemented an IT security review and electronic threat countermeasures inspection of a private equity company’s offices in New York, London, and Hong Kong.
  • Located 20+compromised systems within a large DOD contractor by deploying custom hunt tools and network monitoring tools devices to monitor traffic, internet requests and domain name queries.
  • Identified fraudulent transactions for a large international bank perpetrated by internal employees and foreign organized crime elements by isolating activity to specific branch and then specific workstations.
  • Performed information security assessments for various high profile events and systems such as the Games of the 2004 Olympiad in Athens, Greece, the United Nations 2002 Summit on Economic Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the United States Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, TX.


Detailed Case Studies

SunBlock Systems Clarifies a University’s Obligation to Notify a Cyber Breach

The Client: The Law school of a well know New England university

SunBlock experts are retained to assess a data breach, determine what data had been lost and to provide information so the client could meet its disclosure obligation

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