Case Studies

Digital Forensics

Brief Examples of Prior Work

  • An international chemical company becomes suspicious when a division President leaves soon followed by the lead chemist and three salesmen. Our investigation reveals that the former President has joined a competitor that has recently begun developing competitive compounds and that he recently leased offices with space for a chemical lab.  Our forensics experts find that he is quietly soliciting employees and customers. The client’s legal team used this evidence to obtain a temporary restraining order and a subsequent preliminary injunction against the former President and the competitor.
  • In a lawsuit filed by a former shareholder seeking compensation that far exceeded his ownership interest, we were engaged to obtain negotiating leverage against the plaintiff.  We reviewed his employment agreement and found it contained a non-compete and non-solicitation clause.  By performing a forensic analysis of the target’s laptop and collecting his abandoned property, we determined that the former employee was using our client’s proprietary business methods and contacts to obtain additional financing for a new competitive venture. In less than three weeks, we provided our client with sufficient evidence to seek a preliminary injunction against the former employer thus providing it with the needed leverage to negotiate a favorable settlement of the underlying case.


Detailed Case Studies

SunBlock Systems Investigates New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin

The City of New Orleans

The Client: The City of New Orleans

As part of responding to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, City staff realizes that thousands of emails by sitting Mayor Nagin are missing. Official correspondences by the Mayor are considered to be public records and their destruction is illegal.

Amidst a tense political atmosphere and dogged news coverage, SunBlock was retained by the City of New Orleans to investigate and locate the missing emails.

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SunBlock Systems Uncovers Collusion by Competitor and Departing Employee

The Client: An Automotive Parts Manufacturer

SunBlock experts are retained to identify intellectual property theft by a departing employee. The evidence uncovered elicits a full confession by the former employee which implicates their new employer- a direct competitor.

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SunBlock Systems Helps Pharmaceutical Company Fight the Drug War

A large pharmaceutical company

The Client: A large pharmaceutical company

A manufacturer of a Schedule II narcotic drug receives a tip that company scientists may have created an offsite lab to illegally produce the drug for black market distribution.

Understanding the vast legal, criminal and public safety implications of these suspected activities, the client wants to fully validate the claims before notifying authorities. SunBlock experts are brought in to facilitate the investigation and clarify involvement by its employees.

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