Case Studies


Brief Examples of Prior Work

Opposition Research
  • A graduate of a public university wanted to give a large gift to his alma mater only to find his largess blocked by a member of Congress. Investigators determined that the Congressman had been involved in lucrative land deals through strawmen orchestrated by corporate constituent in his district. Upon being apprised of our findings, the Congressman drops his opposition.
Integrity-Related Due Diligence
  • Investigators found that the Chief Financial Officer of a potential acquisition target had changed his name and that several of his previous companies had gone bankrupt.
  • Investors were prepared to invest a large sum of money in a corporate venture. A public records investigation revealed that each of the principals had filed for bankruptcy and that one had multiple felony convictions. Two days later, it was reported that the SEC had frozen the assets of the company and its principals.
  • A career criminal engaged in resume fraud climbed the corporate ladder to become the Chief Executive Officer of a large company. Our investigators discovered his real identity as a fraudster who had scammed people all over the world.
Competitive Intelligence
  • A multinational bids on a government contract in Malaysia with a well-connected JV partner who assured them that they would win the bid and wanted to start spending resources in preparation of winning. Our investigators determined that the bid was rigged and that it is unwinnable.
  • Our investigation revealed that a well-respected, multinational energy company was involved in actionable business conduct related to the manner in which it gathered political contributions; its untoward relationships with state regulators, its handling of toxins, and its negligent business practices that resulted in several deaths and pipeline explosions.
Litigation Intelligence
  • An investigation of a renowned cancer researcher determined that the target had defrauded former patients by charging them astronomical fees for funded research and that he diverted the money into shell corporations held in his relatives’ names. These findings were used to bring administrative actions against the scientist and to destroy his credibility as an expert witness.
  • An investigation involving the identification, screening and interviews of over 1500 former employees provided trial counsel with the evidence it needed to support a motion to dismiss and to bring a counterclaim based on fraud against the plaintiff company.