Case Studies

SunBlock Systems Provides Interim Executive Leadership for Distressed Company

The Client:

A Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephone company.

The Scenario:

SunBlock Systems was engaged to provide expertise and serve as the Chief Technical Office of a Voice Over IP telephone company. The parent company lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit and was placed into receivership by a federal court. A Receiver was assigned to oversee the liquidation of assets. The Defendant in the case attempted to purchase the company through a straw purchaser, threatening not to cooperate with the sale of the company, if any other bidder prevailed. The Defendant had maintained unfettered access to the company’s systems throughout receivership process. This process lasted for more than a year, and they could have potentially sabotaged many aspects of the technical operation of the company. SunBlock Systems was required to prepare for any potential difficulties with the liquidation of their assets and the sale of the company.

The Investigation:

The Defendant’s bid was not the winning bid, and their team simultaneously walked off the job and refused to continue to run the company. SunBlock Systems immediately put our response team in place to carry the company through the remainder of the sales process. For the next seven months our team had to shut down hacking attempts, reversed toll fraud, address a denial of service attack against the prevailing purchaser, restored the security of thousands of compromised customer modems, and maintained the full integrity of their systems for the winning bidder.

The Benefits:

Our Client was able to successfully complete the sale of the company and financially restore the Plaintiff’s losses as much as it was possible to do so. We overcame difficult and surprising issues quickly, minimizing downtown.