Case Studies

SunBlock Systems Helps Pharmaceutical Company Fight the Drug War

The Client:

A large pharmaceutical company

The Scenario:

The client produces a prescription drug that, if abused, can be more addictive than crack cocaine. Controlled use of this drug has proven beneficial in treating patients’ symptoms, but the illegal market for it has resulted in substantial drug violence and numerous accidental deaths. An internal source notified client management that a group of company scientists was creating an offsite laboratory. If created, such a lab could be used to produce and sell the drug illegally

The Investigation:

A SunBlock team was brought in to investigate the allegations of an offsite lab. SunBlock investigators immediately recommended bringing in the United States Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA), but the client wanted to understand the extent of the problem and its legal exposure before involving law enforcement agencies. SunBlock computer forensic experts analyzed the desktop computers and server storage of all suspected employees. Working with the client’s legal team, SunBlock investigators gathered key evidence and turned it over to the DEA for criminal investigation.

The Benefits:

SunBlock helped the client manage a potentially scandalous situation. More importantly, the client was able to prevent large quantities of this controlled substance from entering the illegal drug market.