Case Studies

SunBlock Systems Helps Secure the IT Systems for the Athens Olympics

The Client:

Athens 2004 – The Athens Olympic Organizing Committee

The Scenario:

Athens 2004 was responsible for organizing the games of the 28th Olympiad. The client aimed to use information technology to manage the event in unprecedented ways. Expecting the eyes of the world to be on them during The Games, the client was very concerned about maintaining information security.

The Investigation:

During the year before The Games, SunBlock experts spent many months in Athens performing various information security assessments. These assessments included reviews of general enterprise infrastructure, network architecture, application design, and outsourced systems. SunBlock’s assessment activities, which were conducted at multiple sites throughout the Olympic Village, included policy document reviews, interviews with systems architects, network scanning testing, and integration consulting support.

The Benefits:

With SunBlock’s help the client kept its information systems up and running during the entire event. Despite all the media questions surrounding the preparations for the Games, the Athens 2004 Games are widely considered to be the most successful games in modern history.