Case Studies

SunBlock Systems Uncovers Collusion by Competitor and Departing Employee

The Client:

An Automotive Parts Manufacturer

The Scenario:

The manufacturer had an employee that had left the company under suspicious circumstances so the company wanted to determine if any intellectual property was stolen.

The Investigation:

In this particular investigation SunBlock Systems examined the computer that had been used by the employee. We were able to identify when a USB flashdrive had been inserted into the front of the unit, and it even identified the brand and type of flashdrive that had been used. In order to emphasize the intelligence, we provided a picture of the device used by the former employee. The company used this information to confront the departed employee about the theft. He was so astounded, not just that our Client knew he had stolen files and which files were taken, but that they even had a picture of the drive used. He confessed to a greater crime than even the Client had realized had been committed. The employee had gone to work for a competitor and on the insistence of his new employer had stolen the intellectual property prior to departure. His new employer had also provided suggestions instructing the departing employee how to hide his activity and that he had taken the information.

The Benefits:

Not only was SunBlock Systems able to identify the intellectual property theft by the former employee, our Client was also able to initiate a lawsuit against their competitor, and to secure an agreement that their competitor could not go after particular clients, industries and areas of the country.