About Us

Many of our consultants and experts have been working in their respective fields for longer than thirty years, and as a group we have investigated or supported investigations into many of the best-known corporate malfeasance cases since the first Bush administration. SunBlock Systems combines these skills and experience with cutting edge technology to help our clients save money, gain a tactical advantage against litigation opponents and competitors, and to assure regulatory and legal compliance. Through our Special Masters’ program and our mediation and arbitration services, we use our expertise and experience combined with our technology and technical expertise to provide courts and litigants with neutral experts who can help resolve cases and controversies in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Team

David Sun

An accomplished technologist and digital investigator, David has been an expert witness in state and federal courts in the fields of computer forensics and cyber security. He is also an inventor and university professor teaching computer forensics.

Andrew Levetown

A former Assistant United States Attorney and investigator. Andrew has 25 years of experience performing complex domestic and international business intelligence investigations.

Chris Marquet

An executive leader at Kroll Associates and Marquet International, Chris has 35 years of experience conducting business investigations around the world. Chris’ practice focuses on business intelligence, litigation support and fraud investigations. He is a frequent speaker and a prolific author relating to his areas of expertise.

Mark Carter

A former FBI agent and the former Executive Director of corporate security and audit for a Fortune 10 company, Mark has more than twenty-five years of experience in auditing, compliance and instituting corporate controls. He has been a CFO for multiple entities, and he is a testifying expert in the fields of fraud accounting and computer forensics.

John Facciola

Retired federal magistrate, Judge John Facciola, is well-known in the eDiscovery field having written landmark decisions related to preservation, collection, use and review of ESI. He received a lifetime achievement award from the Sedona Conference, and he is the author of several scholarly articles regarding privilege and technology assisted review.

Randall Rader

Retired Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit, Judge Randall Rader, has been a leading thought leader, teacher and significant influence in the field of intellectual property for almost thirty (30) years. He was inducted into the IP Hall of Fame in 2011 and he received the Sedona Lifetime Achievement Award for Intellectual Property.

Clark Hall

A former FBI agent and Unit Chief of their Organized Crime Section, Clark has also served as the Chief Investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives and Global Business Security Director for a Fortune 10 company. He specializes in complex internal investigations for multinational companies, major law firms and sovereign governments.

Robert Johnston

Previously a Director for U.S. Marine Red Team, Robert has been a principal consultant at CrowdStrike, Inc. as an incident response expert conducting engagements against nation state, criminal, and hacktivist organizations across a variety of industry sectors.