Experience, Skills and Credibility – that’s why clients choose SunBlock Systems

Your litigation opponent is demanding the court to increase the scope of discovery. If you lose the argument, you will have to incur substantial additional costs. Your next witness is former Judge John Facciola, the guy who wrote seminal opinions on this issue. Are you feeling confident?

You are litigating a damages issue in a patent infringement case. You call Judge Randall Rader, the former Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit, to the stand. Judge Rader wrote landmark decisions regarding damages calculations in patent cases. Are you feeling confident?

Your client has been charged with a financial crime. The government calls an FBI agent to the stand. Next to you is Bob Lindquist, who is advising you on your cross-examination, and helping you respond to the government’s allegations. Are you feeling confident?

Your evidence involves digital data. Its authenticity has been challenged and you have to defend its authenticity. Your next witness, David Sun, teaches computer forensics, has an extensive technology background and has testified numerous times with great success. Are you feeling confident?

You wake up to find that your backup server has been compromised. Your attorney tells you that you have to notify everyone whose personally identifiable information may have been compromised. Two experienced SunBlock experts show up to investigate the breach. They immediately understand how your systems’ function. Are you feeling confident? Are you feeling confident?

Your former CEO may have started a competing venture in violation of his non-compete and key employees are resigning. SunBlock’s forensic experts arrive to investigate your systems. They have successfully handled hundreds of similar cases. Are you feeling confident?

Your company has just been sued. SunBlock’s eDiscovery team arrives having already read the complaint and having already spoken to your in-house IT staff. They have a plan to limit the scope and cost of the eDiscovery. Aren’t you glad you called SunBlock instead of an eDiscovery vendor?