Cyber Breach Investigations

Cyber Breach Investigations

Unfortunately, cyber breach incidents are now commonplace. Not only do they disrupt normal business operations, and compromise valuable corporate information, they can lead to significant liability when customer related data is compromised. When cyber breaches occur, SunBlock responds immediately.

By providing answers to complex technical issues, SunBlock’s team of cyber forensics investigators and experts help clients avoid making ill-informed public statements and incur additional liability and bad publicity.

Our team investigates and provides answers to key questions: How did the beach occur? What data was compromised? How extensive is the breach? In today’s business world, business are subject to various compliance and notification requirements, and SunBlock provides the facts needed to comply and the experience and expertise to avoid breaches in the future.

Sunblock’s experts are also experienced testifying experts who can explain what happened, how it was stopped and how information was gathered so that its clients could provide adequate notification.


• Identify and determine any signs of compromise or break-ins and the extent of the damage to the systems.
• Minimize the impact of the security incident.
• Assist your staff to recover your systems to a fully operational state.
• Identify compromised data where possible.
• Make recommendations that will help prevent future reoccurrences.
• Provide expert and fact testimony when required.
• IT security audits for insurance compliance
• Enterprise, cloud-based IT security products