Cyber-Intelligence & Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

Cyber-Intelligence & Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

Most of the Internet is invisible to you.  According to most recent estimates, only 16% of the Internet has been indexed so that it can be searched using conventional browsers.

Where is the majority of the information on the Internet?

The Internet contains three levels:

  • The surface web, which is the indexed and easily searchable part
  • The deep web, which is not or has not been indexed by public search engines
  • The dark web, which is being intentionally hidden by encryption and other means so that it is inaccessible to normal web browsers.

The deep web is an ever-expanding galaxy of data, and the dark web is often described as an illicit underground marketplace.  This marketplace is frequented by hackers, terrorists, common criminals and extortionists buying and selling personal information, proprietary information and discussing unlawful activities in invitation-only chat rooms.

Why should any legitimate business monitor the deep and dark web?    

  • Have you been hacked? Your confidential data and your clients’ information may be for sale or circulated on the dark web.
  • Are your business operations at risk? Activists may be organizing protests to disrupt your business operations or to harm your business reputation.
  • Is your employees’ safety at risk? Their personal information may be available to disgruntled customers or to extremists targeting them to create public spectacles and gain publicity for their causes.
  • Are your business plans available to your competitors? It’s hard to win in the marketplace when your competitors have your game plan.
  • Are your competitor’s business plans available and lawfully accessible? Intelligence is often the difference between winners and losers in competitive marketplaces.

The threats and potential opportunities available on the deep and dark web are real. Isn’t it time to do something about them?

Real-time Alerts and Actionable Intelligence

SunBlock uses specialized tools to monitor the deep and dark web. We customize our searches and our investigative approach for each client, and we provide our clients with real-time alerts and actionable intelligence.


  • Monitoring for stolen corporate documents and financial data, company intellectual property, consumers’ or customers’ personally identifiable information (PII), disclosure of personal details for highly-targeted executives and directors, and competitive intelligence
  • Detects exposed company login credentials stolen from data breaches of other online systems
  • Protects against a further breach with early detection of compromised information
  • Weekly or Monthly reports, as activity requires
  • Provides real-time actionable attack intelligence