Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics Experts

Computer forensics is part science and part art. The very best in the profession combine experience, technical savvy and an investigative mindset. Our experienced trial attorneys and forensic investigators have decades of experience identifying and analyzing digital data, providing counsel with admissible evidence and testifying to our methods and conclusions as expert witnesses in court. In addition, at SunBlock, we offer our extraordinary experience at boutique prices.

Computer Forensics

SunBlock started as a computer forensics firm. Our experts have testified in state and federal courts and they are supported by a staff of examiners. We perform investigations on all sorts of media including phones, hard drives and servers. In addition to recovering evidence for trade secret theft cases, restrictive covenant cases and internal investigations, our experts help remedy spoliation issues, testify as to evidentiary issues and authentication issues. Finally, our forensics experts manage intelligent collections in support our eDiscovery services group and they manage remote and on-site collections globally.

Cell Phone Forensics

In today’s world business is often conducted on hand-held devices such as smart phones and tablets. Our experts image and investigate these devices and any others containing digital data. Extracting data such as deleted SMS messages and geo-location data, we add a new dimension to any investigation.

Volatile Memory Forensics

Using the very latest in forensic techniques, SunBlock’s experts are able to tackle the cutting edge world of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Our ability to investigate the computer’s memory network connections, Trojans or key loggers, malicious process, and encryption used to hide data.