Special Masters

Special Masters and Judicial Consulting

SunBlock Systems is proud to offer Special Masters services to courts and litigants as they seek to resolve complex litigation issues.

Judge John M. Facciola (ret. 2015), eDiscovery and Privacy

Judge John Facciola is one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of eDiscovery and privacy. He is considered by most to be an authoritative resource. Judge Facciola is available as a Special Master to facilitate meet and confer discussions and to fashion reasonable agreements and eDiscovery protocols. He is also available to monitor and compel compliance with court orders, to resolve discovery disputes, and to provide courts with fair and reasonable reports and recommendations. For private litigants, Judge Facciola is available to mediate disputes, to adjudicate at mock trials and to provide opinion letters and strategic advice on issues pertaining to eDiscovery and compliance with eDiscovery rulings.

Judge Randall R. Rader (ret. 2014), Intellectual Property

Judge Rader’s work as Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit, his publications, and his teachings have left an indelible mark on the field of intellectual property law. He is well-known for his expertise in assessing damages theories, facilitating cost-containment, interpreting claims, and for rendering validity and infringement decisions. He is available as a Special Master to courts and for litigants as a mediator, to officiate at mock trials and mock Markman hearings, and to advise clients on damages, claim construction, infringement and other patent litigation-related issues.

David Sun, Technology and Digital Data

David Sun is an accomplished technologist and computer forensic investigator. For the past twenty years, he has delivered expert services to clients involving electronic data, computer systems and information technology (IT). He excels at describing complex technical issues in understandable terms to attorneys, judges and juries. Mr. Sun is available to work in cases involving advanced and complex technical issues that arise in litigation.